Information regarding our handling of coronavirus (covid-19)

We follow the authorities' guidelines so that you as a guest can feel safe in our hands.

We encourage all guests to take their reservations and respect the distance and contribute to compliance with the guidelines below.

How we take care of you:

We keep our distance
According to the rules, we must keep a distance of 2 meters from each other. Our facilities mean that fortunately we can easily have a good distance from each other. We ask all our guests to respect and comply with the rules of distance.

Cleaning standards
Hand sanitizer is available for all guests in Rytterhuset, which is where guests gather.

We have specific cleaning standards according to the authorities' instructions on both rooms and common areas. In addition to the regular cleaning after the guest's departure, we provide regular disinfection of exposed surfaces and contact surfaces such as door handles, key cards, card terminals, etc.

Breakfast is served in Rytterstuen, where we make sure to comply with the authorities' guidelines on an ongoing basis regarding distance, dizinfectioning, etc. At times, you may be served your breakfast as portioned plates. You will be guided by the staff and with signage.

All employees have received detailed information about COVID-19 and instructions based on the authorities' recommendations. If we have employees who show signs of illness, they are sent home immediately, after which the situation is handled according to specific procedures.

Do you want to change your booking due to covid?
We refer to our general cancellation policy which you can find here.

Protect yourself and others
We ask everyone to respect the seriousness and protect themselves and others from infection by following the recommendations of the health authorities.

Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer

Cough and sneeze in your sleeve

Limit physical contact

Pay attention to cleaning

Elderly and chronically ill - keep your distance and ask others to pay attention

If you are ill or have symptoms of corona, you should isolate yourself until 48 hours after symptom relief.

Should we experience or become aware of a case of coronavirus at Aggersvold, we handle the situation according to specific procedures and in consultation with the health authorities.

Should you have any questions regarding our handling of coronavirus, please email us at